Great Blue Heron Denim Scarf

Great Blue Heron Denim Scarf
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  • Item #: 906012-1
  • Manufacturer: Hzurdadi

Hzurdadi introduces The Denim Scarf™.  Warm and cool at the same time.  This scarf is made from lightweight, butter soft premium denim that's made in the U.S.A.  The contrast side creates a fun yet sleek look that works with any ensemble.  The Denim Scarf™ is adventurously long - 96 inches - for multiple wrapping styles, but is also available in a 72-inch version that is perfect for those who prefer simple draping styles.  The signature Hzurdadi leather patch, surrounded by a contrast border and rivets, provides the perfect accent.  This scarf is like none you've ever seen before.

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Price $150.00

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